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Jeffrey A. Reimer

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Dr. David Halat is a postdoctoral scholar in the group studying ion dynamics in Li-ion battery electrolytes with NMR and PFG techniques. His current research focus is developing electrophoretic NMR to probe ion motion under an applied electric field. He completed his PhD with Prof. Clare Grey at Cambridge on 17O NMR of high-temperature oxide-ion conductors, before repatriating back to the U.S. When not in the lab he can likely be found on the computer trying to automate everything, building Twitter bots, trying to learn signal processing, or legally radiating rf waves (call sign KN6CXJ).

David Halat
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Post-doc Researcher, University of California, Berkeley

Ph. D University of Alberta, Canada 

Research: Solid-state NMR studies of nanoporous materials (MOFs, COFs and Porous Polymer Networks), sustainable wood-based carbon materials, cellulose nanocomposites, CO2/VOCs gas adsorption and separation

Hobbies: Yoga, travelling, hiking and playing badminton

“Choose a life of action, not one of ostentation”

Haiyan Mao
Lena M. Funke

Feodor Lynen Postdoctoral Fellow

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation


To decrease carbon emissions, the energy spent on separating molecules – 15% of the energy spent in the US – needs to be reduced. Further, low-emission transportation e.g. via fuel-cell driven trucks require affordable, save tanks.

Researchers found metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) can host guest molecules at high capacities and selectivities; whereby molecules can be separated at lower energetic costs and gases be stored at lower pressures. However, we are still missing a complete picture of the adsorption mechanisms in metal-organic frameworks to expand adsorption-based separation and storage to more fields of application.

My mentors at college showed me experiments that blew me away, physics and chemistry fascinated me ever since. After a PhD in Chemistry in Germany and Brazil at the University of Muenster, I joined the Reimer group in October 2019. I probe host-guest interactions in MOFs with magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Together with the Long group we strive to predict adsorption mechanisms in MOFs for their further improvement.

Interests: learning about cultures, hiking, running, cooking.

Xudong Lv

Xudong earned double degrees in Physics and Economics in 2016 from Peking University before joining Pines & Reimer Lab as a graduate student. His current research interests include: optical diamond hyperpolarization via NV- centers, hyperpolarized diamond enhanced MRI and quantum sensing with NV- centers.


NV- centers are atom-like defects in the diamond material that demonstrates extraordinary quantum properties. We aim to harness the power of NV- electronic spin to enable much higher precision measurement of NMR spectroscopy than conventionally possible. With the understanding of the physics of the system, we develop a set of diamond-based imaging techniques that opens up new applications.


In my spare time, I enjoy doing sports, such as basketball, skiing and golfing

Xudong Lv

In the beginning of my PhD, I focused on applying solid state NMR techniques to characterize ion transport mechanisms in MOF and COF electrolytes. Now, I work on developing hyperpolarization strategies for MOFs.


I enjoy traveling and hiking, especially with my identical twin.

Kaitlyn Engler

2014-2018  B.S., Chemistry, Tsinghua University, China

2018- Present  Ph.D. student, Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley


Research interests: Solid State NMR, Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance, Metal Organic Frameworks, Gas Separation


Hobbies: basketball, reading

Hao Zhoang

Romina is a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Business & Management at the University of California, Berkeley. She conducts research under the guidance of Dr. Lena M. Funke. Romina is passionate about sustainability and finding ways to mitigate waste. Outside of lab, you will find her playing music, doing photography, traveling, playing sports and learning about UX/UI and web design.

Romina Silva

Pursuing B.S. in Chemical Engineering & Minor in Material Science


Hobbies: hiking, soccer, playing piano, watching football

Rohit Rungta

Currently, Yang is focusing on developing nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques to study the mechanisms of various interactions for accurate characterization of functional materials. Her current project involves the employment of NMR Pulsed Field Gradients (PFG) techniques to investigate the interaction between CO2 and polymer-based electrolytes to unveil the specific roles which the electrolytes play in the process of CO2 electrochemical reduction.  

In addition, Yang has a background in functional nanomaterials design and fabrication for the use in electrochemical conversion in the field of renewable energy. She is also adept at materials characterization using Electron microscopes, such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), (Scanning) Transmission electron microscopy ((S)TEM) and Powder X-ray diffractometer (XRD).


Hobbies: Reading, Jogging

Yang Wang

Hello! My name is Kendra Htut and I'm a second year chemical engineering student at Cal with a concentration in Energy and Environment. My current research focuses on synthesizing MOF's using single atomic catalysts in the reduction of CO2. For my synthesis, I personally work with nickel and cobalt (which is in the latter) metals under the guidance of Dr. Haiyan Mao. 


Growing up in the Bay Area, I experienced a melting pot of cultures which I still admire to this day. Coming to Cal, I realized that it was the place for me because of how diverse and unique the campus culture and people are. Having the opportunity to not only study the field I love, the friendships I've developed with faculty and students has made my college journey thus far something I'll always cherish. 

Kendra Htut

Ah-Young Song is a postdoctoral scholar in the group. She received her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and studied ion dynamics of solid electrolytes with Prof. Gleb Yushin. Currently, her research interest is to understand the fundamental insights regarding materials for carbon capture in various solid systems especially utilizing solid-state NMR. She is interested in teaching and mentoring undergraduate students to help them to utilize what they learn in the classroom.

Ah-Young Song
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Michelle is a fourth-year chemical engineering student at UC Berkeley. She works with Alicia on the characterization of CO2 adsorption on Mixed Metal Oxides. Outside of the lab, Michelle enjoys playing music, dancing, and reading.

Michelle Zhao
The Reimer Group enjoys a strong and symbiotic relationship with the staff in the College of Chemistry NMR Facility
Alicia Lund
Alicia Lund

My research interests are developing NMR methods to study porous material such as MOF and mixed metal oxides for CO2 capture in industrial flue gas. In particular I am interested in how NMR can help elucidate the molecular level interactions that influence water competition with CO2 adsorption in these materials.

Alicia Lund